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Introducing our luxurious and cozy beanie, featuring sparkling pailettes and a playful Pom Pom on top. This stylish accessory is not only a fashion statement but also designed for comfort, with a soft fleece lining that will keep your head warm during the cold winter months.

The beanie is made from a blend of 50% merino wool and 50% polyacryl, ensuring durability and softness that will last for years to come. The merino wool provides natural insulation and moisture-wicking properties, while the polyacryl adds a lightweight and easy-care element to the fabric.

Each beanie is carefully crafted in Italy, ensuring the highest quality standards and attention to detail. With its combination of style and comfort, this beanie is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, making it a versatile addition to your winter wardrobe.

pom pom


Hand Wash: Using your hands, gently scrub the cap, paying attention to any areas with stains or dirt. Avoid twisting or wringing the cap, as this can distort its shape.


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